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  • Product Information: WD-8 in1
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    Package price:     $1990
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  • Description:
    Combo Heat Press (8-in-1) can imprint T-shirts, Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Tiles, Mugs, Mouse Pads, Jigsaw Puzzles, Fabrics & Materials, and Other Misc.
    The Combo Heat Press(8-in-1) is a multipurpose swing-away heat press. The construction is a solid steel welded framework. It includes Digital Temperature, Time, and a Digital Pressure/ Height gauge, programmable presets, user definable alarms as well as a host of other digital features.

    The Combo Heat Press(8-in-1) utilizes quick-change attachments necessary for heat transferring images onto a wide variety of materials, such as: T-shirts, Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Tiles, Mugs, Mouse Pads, metal plates, Jigsaw Puzzles, Fabrics & Materials, etc.

    The interchangeability of it is performed quickly and safely. Due to its swing-away design and wide adjustment range, it excels in handling extremely thick items such as plaques, tile, woods, plastics, and other printable items that can not be pressed in conventional T-Shirt presses.

  • WD-8 in1 Combo heat press
  • Specification:

    Pressing Size:
    Diameter 7.5~9cm and 5~7.5 for Mug
    Diameter 12cm and 15cm for Plate
    Diameter 28X38cm for Flats
    Diameter 15 X8cm for Caps
    Diameter6.1 X9.8cm for Latte Mugs
    Diameter 8.8 X14.9cm for Latte Mugs

    Color: Red-Black
    Net Weight: 35Kg
    Voltage: 110V/220V
    Temperature Range: 0-399 C

    Size (L W H):38X43X34cm
    Gross Weight: 36Kg
    Power: 1250W
    Timing Range: 0-999 Sec.

  • Accessory
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  • Optional accessory
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  • Bubdate:2010-05-01


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