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  • Product Information: WD S310
  • Wire Binding:

    Wire binding uses a metal wire coil that comes in a range of sizes and colors. Many diaries and calendars use this type of finish.

  • WD S310 Commercial Wire Binding Machine
  • Technical data:

    Model                                                    WD S310
    Max punching thickness                    25 pages(80g)
    Hole distance                                      3:1 (8.47 mm) 35holes
    Adjustable margin                              3 - 9 mm
    Design of section                                4.0 x 4.0mm
    Punching form                                     Manual
    Quantity of movable cutter                 35pcs
    Dimension (mm)                                 510x635x500mm
    Net weight                                             18.40kg


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  • Bubdate:2010-07-23
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