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  • Product Information: WD2109A
  • Spiral Binding:

     A binding for notebooks and booklets in which a cylindrical spiral of wire or plastic is passed through a row of punched holes at the edge of a tablet

  • WD2109A Spiral Binding Machine
  • Technical data:

    Model                                       WD 2109A
    Binding size                            A4,A5,B5
    Binding thickness                  Arbitrary
    Punching capacity                 12 pages (80g)
    Max binding width                  300 mm
    Hole distance                         6.35mm (4:1) 46holes
    Hole spec                                Dia 3.6mm
    Punching form                        Manual
    Binding form                           Electric
    Dimension (mm)                   410x180x290mm
    Net weight                               4.3kg

  • Accessory
  • No accessory avaliable
  • Optional accessory
  • No optional accessory
  • Bubdate:2010-07-23
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