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  • Product Information: WD T80
  • *Plastic shell and comfortable control panel with attractive color

    *Auto clamping when put in the documents

    *Binding length & thickness up to 400m and 40mm

    *Vibration to stick the binding sheets with the glue more steady

    *Automatically power off in 10 minutes without operating

    *Auto fan cooling function can help to cool the finished binding documents faster

    *Working time is to be set

    *Corresponded to European RoHs Directive

  • WD T80 Commercial Thermal Binding Machine
  • Technical data:

    Model                              WD T80
    Binding Capacity:         400sheets (70-80g)
    Dimensions:                 22.5x47.5x20.5cm
    Weight:                           5.3 Kg
    Colors:                           Light Grey / Black
    Power:                            110 or 240 Volts, 80W
    Certifications:                CE / ROHS

  • Accessory
  • No accessory avaliable
  • Optional accessory
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  • Bubdate:2010-07-23
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