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  • Product Information: WD205
  • * Easily and smoothly drill 2,3 or holes in up to a ream of paper at a time, for pages to go into ringbinders / folders.
  • WD205 Electric Paper Drill
  • Technical data:

    Model                                  WD 205
    Drill press size                  60X40X50cm
    Drill paper thickness        65mm
    Usage Voltage:                  220V 50Hz/ 110V 60Hz
    Power:                                 100W
    The Drill press between the back and front of the spec move 30mm
    The Drill press between the left and right of the spec move 400 mm

  • Accessory
  • No accessory avaliable
  • Optional accessory
  • No optional accessory
  • Bubdate:2010-07-23
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