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  • Product Information: WD T30
  • *Wholly plastic shell with light grey painting and gloding shape

    The instruction on the machine is understandability

    Operate simply with buzzer and LED indicator light

    Melt fleetly whatever the thickness of sheet

    Buzzing after finishing binding

    Build-in available cooling rack and convenient refrigeration

    Make your work  easiest and expedient

  • WD T30 Thermal Binding machine
  • Technical data:

    Mode                                                WD T30
    Maximum binding length             300mm
    Maximum binding size                 24mm(240sheets/70-80g)
    Power supply                                 220V/110V, 50Hz/60Hz
    Dimensions                                   14.5x39x17.5 cm
    Weight                                             1.7kg
    Colors                                              Light Grey
    Power                                              110 or 240V,60W
    Certifications                                  CE / RoHSI

  • Accessory
  • No accessory avaliable
  • Optional accessory
  • No optional accessory
  • Bubdate:2010-07-23
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