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  • Product Information: WD MA4Z/MA3Z
  • $749+GST for A4 size price excludes.... stand (metal cabinet)

    $1098+GST for A3 size price excludes stand (metal cabinet)

  • You are viewing a Commercial Paper Cutter Machine. This all steel heavy-duty and convenient Paper Cutter Machine is perfect for cutting any size under A4 paper, thick books, menu, magazines, etc. It can cut 400 sheets of paper each time, which is very time-saving to cut thousands of papers books.

    Main Feature
    ¡ô All Heavy Duty Steel Base
    ¡ô Easy Control Cutting Handle Bar
    ¡ô Clamp Wheel for Better Holding the Thick Papers
    ¡ô Ruler in Inches and Clear Embossed Grid for Precise Cutting
    ¡ô Adjustable Backstop for Holding Paper Well
    ¡ô Rubber Feet for Desktop Use



  • WD MA4Z/MA3Z
  • Model                                                      WD-MA4Z
    Base Size:                                    53.3cm x 38.1cm x 3.80cm
    Overall Size:          53.3cm x 38.4cm x 34.3cm  (Including Cutting Bar)
    Maximum cuttng Width:                           30.5cm 
    Best Cutting Size:                              Under A4 Paper
    Maximum cutting Capacity:     400 Sheets (for 80g A4 Paper)

    Model                                                      WD-MA3Z
    Base Size:                             64.8cm x 48.9cm x 5.08cm
    Overall Size:           64.8cm x 48.9cm x 32.4cm (Including Cutting Bar)
    Maximum cuttng Width:                           43.2cm
    Best Cutting Size:                              Under A3 Paper
    Maximum cutting Capacity:    400 Sheets (for 80g A3 Paper)

  • Accessory
  • No accessory avaliable
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  • Bubdate:2011-09-08
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